Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stikstool vs trekking pole disadvantages

Some things to consider when deciding to purchase a hiking stick (Stikstool) or trekking poles. Trekking pole manufacturers advise you to adjust the length of the poles for up hill, down hill and flat terrain. I am 49 years old and have hiked most of my life. Very few hikes are on trails that are a constant flat, up or down terrain. Even on trails that have considerable elevation gain have switch backs and down hill sections. To constantly stop and adjust two poles every time the trail ahead changes is, to me, ludicrous. Where is the comfort and enjoyment in that? Most all of them have handles that make it awkward to grip the pole anywhere but on the handle which is uncomfortable (unless you change the length) when the terrain changes. Now with the new Stikstool Model CF002 lightweight carbon fiber trekking poles, you don't have to constantly stop and change the length of the pole. With the generous 10 inch grip of the Stikstool all you have to do is grip the pole in a different spot. Simple!