Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ultra light backpacking with the new Stikstools

Terrapathic Engineering wants to thank all the hikers, backpackers and ultra light hikers and backpackers for your positive response to the two new carbon fiber Stikstools. For those who prefer trekking poles, the Stikstool carbon fiber model CF002, and for those who prefer using a hiking stick, the Stikstool carbon fiber model CF001. Never carry more than six ounces in your pack and always have a comfortable camp stool with you. Sweet!!! The Fall colors are coming soon. Lets plan some backpacking trips now. If you plan it and put it in your schedule you will plan other things around it. If you don't, you will always have too many things to do and think you can't go. Fall is one of my favorite times to be deep in the backcountry. Don't miss out. Be sure to order your new Stikstool for your outdoor adventure. With three models to choose from, I'm sure we have one to suit your needs.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Original Stikstool trekking poles with straps

Terrapathic Engineering has announced that the Original Stikstool carbon fiber trekking pole model CF002, now comes standard with wrist straps. Check it out at

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Comfort while backpacking

For those who choose to sit on a log or on the ground for comfort while backpacking. Comfort of course coming from sacrificing your comfort at the campsite so you can carry less weight on your back. Trust me I've considered the same. But I have spent enough time on the trail to know that you don't always get to camp at your favorite site, or get a site with a log, or get a site with a dry log ( some are pretty soggy to sit on ), and I have sat on the ground which is real uncomfortable to me. I still see the other extreme which is a lounge chair strapped to the outside of a pack. Come on people, it is all about enjoying the great outdoors. Use a Stikstool as your hiking stick or trekking poles and have your camp stool be at the campsite without having to carry it on your back. I relish my time at the campsite as much as my time on the trail. Why sacrifice at all. Go ultralight and go in comfort with the Stikstool carbon fiber model CF001, Stikstool aluminum model SS001 or the Stikstool carbon fiber trekking pole model CF002. Get yours today and get out in the woods and enjoy the trail and the campsite in comfort. Order now and plan your next trip.