Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Stikstool lightweight carbon fiber models!!!

Terrapathic Engineering will be introducing two new carbon fiber Stikstool models soon. One is a carbon fiber hiking stick and camp stool similar to the Original Stikstool only it is constructed of carbon fiber instead of aluminum. The other is a carbon fiber trekking pole model which converts into a four legged stool. The release of these two new models is scheduled for the end of June. Stay tuned!!!

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  1. The new Stikstool carbon fiber models CF001 and CF002 are now available! The CF001 Stikstool is a carbon fiber hiking stick that converts into a three legged camp stool. The CF002 Stikstool is a carbon fiber set of trekking poles that convert into a four legged camp stool. Visit www.stikstool.com and check them out!